The books about Norfolk touch on life in Norfolk from the past, how it all began, to more recent times. There are stories about the unique Norfolk dialect, Wherry life and much more. From steam engines to fairground rides to personal stories of growing up and taking trips on the Broads. All the books contain an array of photographs and each book is independent of the others. ‘Reflections of Norfolk,’ ( A5 size) contains 15 chapters about life in the beginning from farming to lost villages and industry, including the Birds Eye Factory in Great Yarmouth. ‘A Brief Moment in Time,’ includes a riveting love story at the end. All the books contain interesting facts and information about life in Norfolk and will interest those who are Norfolk born and bred, but also those wanting to find out more about this wonderful county.

My upmost appreciation for Mr Tony Brooks who when called for for designing special requests for all my books does so without preduce.

Chariots of Thunder A4 - £13.95 + £3.85 Delivery

Dew Something Diffrunt A4 - £12 + £3.95 Delivery

Norfolk a Nostalgic Journey Part One - £7.25 + £3 Delivery

Norfolk a Nostalgic Journey Part Two - £7.25 + £3 Delivery

A Brief Moment in Time A5 - £4.25 + £2.15

Reflections of Norfolk A5 - £8.25 + £2.14 Delivery

Dunkirk A4 - £25.95 + £5.57

Track of Time Norfolk Memories A4 - £15.00 + £5.57